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Dog Friendly Accommodation for your Whole Family in South Coast, NSW

At Holiday Paws, we are dedicated to providing you and your whole family access to some of South Coast NSW's most stunning accommodation.   More...


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Holiday Apartment / Unit


Tura Beach, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Mykanos is a well presented, spacious 2 bedroom (linen not supplied) holiday unit located in the beautiful Tura Beach, with your very own private courtyard for a BBQ.

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  • Pets allowed inside
Holiday Home

Blue Patch

Culburra Beach, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Blue Patch, a well known Culburra beach house for families, couples and pets with an average 5 star rating and close to everything.

  •  8 
  •  6 
  •  4 
  • Pets allowed inside
Holiday Acreage

Bay and Basin Boutique Pet Boarding

St Georges Basin, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Unique 2 acre property cosy private room Queen bed quality linen & tv or a twin single room.

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  • Pets allowed inside
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