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Holidaypaws Pet friendly holiday homesFamily holidays are now pet friendly. Find your perfect holiday rental from over 1,000 listings Australia wide that you can enjoy with your family and your four legged friend too. All of our listings have detailed descriptions, images and reviews, so choosing the right holiday destination and rental will be easy.

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  • Capture a new audience. Pet owners are keen to holiday with their pets.
  • Less competition for your property. Holiday makers aren't having to scroll through hundreds of listings on other sites, to find a pet friendly rental.
  • Pets pay too. Pet owners are happy to pay for their pets to stay.
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This site is specifically designed for finding a holiday property where you can take your pet. Not only that, it also makes that search a whole lot easier by providing all the property information that a discerning pet owner will need. Our goal is to provide the best quality and detail of property information possible. If we can make your selection and securing of a holiday destination that meets your requirements with the minimum of fuss, then we've helped you have a great holiday from the get go.

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